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Amenity Building, Dunluce Avenue, Portrush

The project involved the demolition of an existing derelict building and the provision of a new fit-for-purpose unit designed to provide the requisite facilities – including a specialist Changing Places space – while creating a robust yet ‘significant’ building along a well-used and popular thoroughfare in the seaside town.


Public access within the building is fully accessible and a separate Changing Places unit has been created for those with multiple and complex disabilities and who may have one or two assistants with them.  The facility provides a range of equipment and accommodations including a height adjustable changing bench, ceiling track hoist system, shower, height adjustable washbasin, privacy screen and adequate space for a user and up to two assistants.  The other public areas are simple and restrained in their aesthetic with surface finishes which enrich the environment and yet are both robust and maintainable.


The internal spaces are light and airy with a more ‘grown up’ feel.  This was intended to give the new unit on the site a new identity of its own and hopefully one which will see it respected by all users.


Externally the form of the building is a solid, dark coloured block with a wave shaped roof.  The simple form has no external windows on the vertical surfaces with black brickwork wrapping the perimeter and only the timber effect panelling to the font annex punctuates the solid block.  Coloured pictogram signage to the front elevation draws attention to the access points and is accompanied by braille plaques adjacent to the doorways.


The works were administered under the NEC3 Short Form Contract, from inception to completion and was delivered within the original contract sum.

Client: Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council Project Cost: 220,000 Completion Date: August 2018

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