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Mercedes Benz Servicing and Dealership Centre, Boston

The Mercedes Benz Truck and Van Servicing and Dealership Centre at Old Station Yard in Boston accommodates approx. 1000m2 workshop, 230m2 storage and 350m2 ancillary office spaces together with external car parking, van display area and operational yard.

The scheme has been shortlisted as the Finalist in the ‘Best Large Commercial Building’ category at the LABC East Midlands Excellence Awards 2016.

The centre was designed to meet the highest standards and specifications to meet Mercedes Benz Design Brief including particular spatial requirements, high end internal and external finishes, corporate signage and entrance canopy.

High performance workshop equipment such as pre-fabricated servicing and MOT pits, van lifts and ATF testing equipment were also part of the project.

Sustainability has been built in to the scheme design which is now both environmentally friendly and at the same time provides optimal economic operation for the Client.

Finalist in the East Midlands 'Best Large Commercial Building' Building Excellence Awards 2016.

Client: Ballyvesey Holdings Project Cost: £2,700,000 Completion Date: April 2015

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